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    Be Financially Rewarded!

    People in the toy industry earn incredible salaries that are the envy of people working in other career fields.

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    Be part of a team tasked with creating strategies for TV commercials, social media campaigns, product development and much more!

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    Experience and enjoy the world all on company expense!

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    Have FUN at Work!

    Yes, it is possible! Isn't it finally time to escape your monotonous job?

Life is too short to spend most of your waking hours at a job you hate!

This Book Will Unveil Strategies For Landing a Career in the Toy Industry That You Will Not Find Anywhere Else.

The main topics covered in this eBook. This book is a great resource for startups considering getting off the ground in the best way.

You will learn how to build your resume and experience for the toy industry while at your current job.

You will learn what it takes to get on the radar of toy industry executives even if you have no prior toy experience.

You will learn how to apply to a toy job in a way that separates you from other countless other applicants.

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Take charge of your life and find out how you can finally have the career in toys you've always dreamed of!

I've enjoyed a career in the toy industry that's spanned over 15 years. I wrote this book to help the countless people I've met who are dreaming of a career in toys but have no idea how to make that happen.
David Lee - Author

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